Establishing A Comfortable Lifestyle

The Opposite Attraction

Many people are amazed at the differences between two people in long term relationships, and they often cite the old phrase about the opposite attraction. It might be true physically, but it can also be an issue when a couple is interested in finding a new hobby together. One of them could be ready to jump out of a perfectly good airplane without a parachute, and the other could be terrified of heights. It would seem there is no common ground for the couple, but that is not really true. They might not be at exactly the same level of pursuit of their hobby, but they could still find ways to enjoy it together.

Complementary Interests

Combining two different hobbies has often been an ideal way for a couple to spend more time together, but figuring out how to do this can take some effort. The couple who decides sky diving is going to become part of their future will need to find a way for the person terrified of getting above the ground to enjoy it as well. While one spouse is preparing to launch out the open door at several thousand feet, their partner might be waiting on the ground below with a telephoto lens on their cameras. Finding complementary interests can be that simple, or it could be a challenge that takes the couple far beyond their wildest dreams.

Different Adventure Paths

Couples with widely different dreams of how to spend their leisure time might have to compromise in very different ways. One of them could enjoy the depths of a steaming jungle while hunting game, and the other might long for the cool breezes they get when climbing mountains. These very different adventure paths each have their own element of danger, but the differences in the weather can be extreme. They might need to enjoy half their hobby time following their partner’s pursuit, but couples willing to do this will find it draws them closer.

Hobby Hunting

The search for a mutual hobby can be a long and fruitless one if the partners are each determined that what they want will be what is chosen. For those willing to take an honest look at the suggestions of their partner, hobby hunting can literally become a way of life. Each of them might toss a suggestion into a jar, and they can draw it out to try something new together. It could take a while before they settle on something they can both enjoy, but they might even find that just continuing to try new hobbies as a couple is what they like best.

Even couples who are far apart when it comes to their likes and dislikes will eventually find a way to be together if they love each other enough. They might settle for working out their hobby differences with complementary pursuits, or they could embrace what their partner loves at least half the time. For those seeking adventure as a way of life, being open to even the most bizarre suggestions could be a way to share some fun time with the one they love.